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The Snake

Ever since, at the age of 5, I heard Louis Armstrong’s wonderful trumpet sing out from my grandmother’s transistor radio, I have loved the beautiful sound of the trumpet. When later on, at the age of nine, I was given the first trumpet of my own and began to play, I knew somehow inside of me how my tone, my trumpet voice would sound.

All my diligent practising and playing since then has been an endeavour, with the trumpet’s help, to create and “sing out” that inner voice. It’s all about having complete control of the instrument’s possibilities, both as far as technique and sound are concerned. The sound is the most important and the thing on which you have to work the hardest. I try and think of a trumpet note as if I was singing it through the instrument – like an extension of my own voice.

I have owned and tried many different trumpets and mouthpieces but for many years have never been completely satisfied. I have continually sought after an instrument that can help me to express the musical ideas that I have inside of me. Such a trumpet should have a dark, full tone, be flexible, give me the possibility to colour the sound to the way I want to express myself and at the same time be open, and have an even quality and power in all registers. I should be able to play extremely softly and low just as well as maximally loud and high when the music demands it, without losing any quality of sound, feeling and musical colour.

One fine day I got to hear about the Swiss instrument maker Thomas Inderbinen and his fantastic and very special instruments. He is a man who is full of enthusiasm for experiments and personal ideas but at the same time very attentive and sensitive to a musician’s opinions and feelings.

‘He sounds perfect for me’ I thought and I travelled down to him and his pleasant workshop studio in his home town of Aarau in Switzerland. That was in the spring of 2000.

While we sat and enjoyed a phenomenal meal at a restaurant Tommy asked me what it was that I needed and which qualities I was looking for in his instruments. I answered that I wanted a trumpet that sounded like a soft, warm flugelhorn but also had a good double high “C”. “Impossible! That’s what everybody dreams about,” said Tommy.

No, it’s not impossible, I said and smiled – and such a trumpet you will make!

This having been said we got started. After a few visits to Thomas in his workshop and a couple of years trying out different types of trumpet tubing and bells I can say that I at least am totally satisfied.
Thomas has actually made a fantastic trumpet for me, we call it “The Snake”. It provides a big, dark, fat, beautiful sound over the entire register of the instrument, both in soft and loud volumes. It gives me unbelievable possibilities for expression. It is THE Trumpet I have always dreamt about!