The man-bg


My trumpet mouthpiece is originally a Giardinelli 6c, which I have played for the last 20 years. But afterwards Magnus Klahr at Windcorp in Gothenburg has developed it to something new. Magnus is a great person who is crazy about trumpet mouthpieces! And for that reason all we trumpet players in Gothenburg are, of course, very glad. 

For many of his working hours he has made adjustments with his lathe and bores. And I have blown the roof off the place trying them out. Magnus Klahr has, with endless patience and a sensitive touch, made my mouthpieces both for the trumpet and flugelhorn magnificently! I want a mouthpiece that is big enough for my lips but shallow enough to give me a good high register. Then it should have a large opening and be deep in the middle to give me a big, dark sound and let the air pass quickly through the mouthpiece and consequently even give a better high register, a so-called “High velocity mouthpiece”.
(Sometimes Magnus has had such a yearning to work that he has rung me and begged “YOU HAVE TO GET OVER HERE SO THAT I CAN USE THE LATHE AND BORE AND HEAR SOME LOUD, HIGH NOTES!!” OK I reply and at his request blow the trumpet as hard as I can so that everyone in the vicinity flies for their lives, all except Magnus who is delighted, he is just a wonderful, crazy guy. He loves that kind of music.)
Magnus has even helped me to bend the tube into which the mouthpiece fits. In my opinion you get a much better balance and a more comfortable position for the left arm and wrist this way, specially with my Inderbinen trumpet, which is very heavy.

Thanks to Thomas Inderbinen and Magnus Klahr, I have finally found what I was looking for when it comes to being able to express my voice! Thomas’ instruments, the trumpet “the Snake”, and his flugelhorn “Wood” (which I fell in love with directly), as well as Magnus’ mouthpieces, “Magnus K Custom-model” both for trumpet and flugelhorn, all suit me perfectly, we get on fine together. My heart is full of gratitude.
I play, in other words, also an Inderbinen flugelhorn “Wood”, which with its expressive, warm and personal sound is a wonderful instrument for solo and small group work. When I play lead in big bands, I play however on a flugelhorn that Manfred Amrein built for me. It feels easy, has good intonation, a little brighter sound and it suits ensemble playing very well.