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My first trumpet

My first trumpet was of the American brand CONN. Now I have once again got a Conn.
This time a Conn CONSTELLATION – and not any old horn – I have been given by Maynard Ferguson’s earlier manager, Ernie Garside, the great honour of possessing Ferguson’s old trumpet. It is the one he used from the end of the 50s up until 1967. It is of course a fantastic feeling to play this rarity that has been lying unplayed for forty years and is in very good condition, despite its age of fifty-or-so years and an infinite number of high C’s from Maynard’s lips.

My ambition is to make a “Tribute to Maynard Ferguson” together with Ernie Garside. I will of course then use his fine old Conn Constellation, an incredible gift, for which I feel deeply humble.

A horn that I don’t play so often, except sometimes in recording studios, is a Getzen Piccolo trumpet. I hope there will be more opportunities to use it in the future.